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Expeditionary Learning Program

A note from the Principal’s Office

“Expeditionary Learning is an inspiring program that has given us the opportunity to transform our school from the ground up.  We believe this program will support students socially and academically as they navigate their future interests and goals.  Students have the opportunity to build strong knowledge and skills through individual learning and new experiences. They will become ethical leaders, speakers, writers and listeners. Teamwork is a focus for students, so they can apply these ‘soft skills’ to their future careers.  The Mt. Washington School Foundation has been an integral part of our new program focus from providing monetary support for expeditions to Camp Kern. Expeditionary Learning provides the tools students need to be who they want to be.  It is a win – win – win for students, families, and our community.”

Deb Klein

Deb Klein



Mt. Washington School takes a holistic approach to meet the needs of our students so they reach their fullest potential – physically, emotionally and academically. To help with physical needs, the school provides health and wellness services, dental care, vision services, behavior health, and nutritional support along with basic essentials such as clothing, toiletries and other home needs. After school enrichment programing assists with the academic and emotional needs through: Art, Music, Coding, STEM, Cooking, Yoga, Sports, Nature, Safety Patrol and much more!!! The learning fun continues with annual field trips to the symphony, ballet and the zoo. Thanks, in part to our school foundation and more than 130 community learning center partners, other amazing activities and learning opportunities are available to our students. These include Learning Beyond the Classroom, Camp Kern, Leadership for team building & problem solving skill development, Nature Studies, Crew-Day field trips for grades 3-5 and a 2 night field trip for 6th grade. Everyday incentives for good behavior help keep our students focused on being respectful, responsible and ready to learn.


Inside our school, we have access to a wonderful library, a must-have technology and state-of-the-art classroom learning environments. We have a positive and inclusive learning environment that includes a robust early literacy program, a comprehensive math curriculum, Latin for all students (grades 4-6), intervention programming for students with special needs and programs for gifted students. We have highly qualified, caring teachers with advanced degrees that not only cover the required materials but also help students to explore academic opportunities for beyond the school day, career opportunities and college.


We have advanced technology in all classrooms. All students have access to desktop computers and laptop computers in our computer lab. Students in grades 3-6 are provided with an individual laptop computer to use during the school day. This is the perfect way to engage with and prepare for the fast moving and ever changing world of technology. Our Mt. Washington School Foundation provides support to keep all students competitive and forward thinking.


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