Our Focus

Our Foundation Vision Statement

Mt. Washington School will redefine what is possible! We will be unsurpassed in serving the wide-ranging needs of our students and engaging the community. We will be a preferred destination of learning and inspiration. We will help every knight shine.”

Our School Mission Statement

The mission of the Mt. Washington School Foundation is to enhance the quality of education for our students with an emphasis on Academics, Enrichment, and Technology by forming community partnerships, and distributing financial grants for selected programs and projects.

Our Mantra

Forever • Inspired • Together

Our Foundation Board Leaders

Marshall Stuart, Board President- (Vice President – US Bank)

Alison Morris-Board Treasurer (Senior Manager, E.W. Scripps)

Kyla Woods-Board Secretary (Director of Communications, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Board Advisor

Ken Goode

Our Foundation Board Members

Ronny Beck (Parent Representative, Mt. Washington School)

Ilene Hayes (Resource Coordinator, Mt. Washington School)

Deb Klein (Principal, Emeritas)

Nellie Russo-Rados (Assistant Vice President, Morgan Stanley)

Kandy Stone

John Croxton II,  (Owner – TP White & Sons Funeral Home)

Emily McNicholas,  (Attorney – American Modern Insurance)

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